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I am currently learning and memorizing Rachmaninoff's 2nd piano concerto (using the 2 piano version instead of the complete score because it's too many pages). Page 6/96
We were featured in the daily BU Today, two First to Seven music videos: http://www.bu.edu/today/2008/12/10/rock-n-roll
Summer vacation to China the land of my ancestors! I'm leaving soon and I'm so excited!
I guess when you know you've obsessed with music when you determine that the pitch of your electric toothbrush is C, and you harmonize with it humming an E (3rd), G (5th), or octaves XD
And so the battle of the bands was an amazing thing to play, inspiring me to become a better musician. One of our friends took full video of it =D. We finished our second full band song Once Scene, Twice Shy recently and it's our best song yet.

Also music related Choral Society sang Mozart's Requiem and it was an amazing experience to take part in. I got the CD of it a day after I got back and it sounds amazing. I may never have a chance to be a part of something so great ever again...

I went to the Jacon formal and I felt like a mesmer because it was a masquerade formal and i was wearing asian silkiness(yes it is a word!) with dragons on it ^^. The rave at Jcon was amazing, they played really good rave music, and a lot of people had glow sticks. I discovered that I was decent at using them to create trails of colored light...

I'm so happy to finally be reunited with my keyboard, grand piano, bass guitar, and cello =), working on sucking less at those *nods*. I ended up buying another amp, small one, but apparently its a really good one (according to my guitar mentor, or so I dub him).

And now...imagine if 3 of your favorite bands played the same concert?

Progressive Nation:
Dream Theater-
3-(pun from above)
Between the Buried and Me

May 31st @ Hard Rock Universal Orlando, FL

Battle of the Bands: Saturday, April 12th

I'm so excited for the battle of the bands because we're going to play in it. The best part of this is...this is my own and our band's first full band concert, as in electrics, bass, and drums. I hope we can rock out hard enough! The top four bands move onto to round 2, which entails a 30 minutes set and a cover song chosen at random at the end of round one. I don't care if we move on to round to or not, I just want to play...and perhaps even go a little crazy on stage. I don't think I've been this excited ever, or at least in awhile =D

I am reunited with my love

Here's the slanted heel that makes playing higher frets more comfortable

Abalone inlays

And who doesn't love a pink case cover? =P

P.S. It's so much better in person =] (It has a killer tone and its sustain stretches for miles)

Feb. 10th, 2008

I just watched Memento for the first time, and it coincides completely with my memory systems psychology class about retrograde amnesia. It's a great movie.

I'll try to stop taking life for granted. I'm just glad I've been given the opportunity to exist no matter how meaningless my life may be.

I want my wrists to stop hurting so i can play more guitar without developing carpel tunnel; wrists are a very precious resource (I played an obscene amount of guitar in the past month).
Somehow apple juice always makes me feel like a kid inside.
I have a new obsessive tendency, guitar blogs. Also, I'm going to attempt to actively get better in all faucets of guitar and music.

On a tangential side note (musical), I'm almost completely sure that I'd have to marry a woman with musical ability. Perhaps just musical appreciation would suffice, but I feel like I would be highly unsatisfied.

Is it bad that my ideal date is jamming?

A highly entertaining musical joke I found online a long time ago.Collapse )
...I'm so weird.